14 April 2009

Time Flies When You Are Having Fun

We haven't update everyone in a while... so I guess it's about time, huh?!

We are doing well and getting back into a routine finally. Gabe has been home for 6 months, and work on his end is finally normalizing. He found out a couple of weeks ago that their first diagnosis downrange was right on, and had they no ignored it when he was medevac-ed to Salerno, things might have been fixed by now. Currently though, Gabe has stress fractures in both of his legs, and has compartmental syndrome in his right leg. The Army is working slowly to take care of these issues.

I am about half way through recovering from elbow surgery. Occupational therapy just ended, and I have my full range of motion back. At this point, it's time to work on getting my strength back slowly! Tomorrow marks my first day back at work since the surgery. Gabe and I have agreed that the 2 jobs I hold right now will be the jobs I stick with until we move stateside. They provide the flexibility and availability needed to get things done on the German economy, and allows me time off whenever Gabe is able to take leave.

We are planning to travel a lot this year, and hope that if anyone wants to come visit that you contact us soon... we'll only be here another year!!

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