04 March 2009

Are Wii Fit?!

Gabe and I have just started our Wii fit program, and though it can not take the place of true physical activity, it's a great place to begin, or even start at! It does give you a work out, and you can focus on different areas! The games are fun, but you can also go for a run, do yoga, and do strengthening exercises.

Once we're both back up and running in full physical health we're hoping to find the bike path that leads from our house to Heidelburg!! It's about a 20km ride... so we're looking forward to getting out in the German countryside!!!

We'll keep ya posted!!! :)

One Step Closer!

Yesterday we went to Landstuhl for yet another appointment. This time it was for my 6 week check-up. As the appointment went on my (LM) dr. decided that it was time for me to work on getting my full range of motion back. He wants me to fully extend and flex, as well as rotate my arm! Conclusion... I am no longer robotic!! They took my brace and kept it, so I have significantly fewer restrictions!! Time to explore the world of possibilities!! :)

Today was my first day of PT since getting it off yesterday. My PT peeps have decided that they can now be more aggressive in making my arm extend/flex/rotate... so it's game on!! To say the least, I'm quite sore, but it's progress!! No pain, no gain... right?!

01 March 2009

Our German Family.

One of the greatest blessings of living in Germany has been to get the know Bill & Pia. They are the owners of a wonderful, family-run, typical German restaurant. A friend found the restaurant just before Gabe arrived here as a single soldier and it became an EOD staple. When you come visit us in Germany you must visit. You are welcome in their restaurant and become a part of the family.

A typical evening out is 4 hours, at least. Within those hours though you are blessed to enjoy a delicious meal prepared by Bill, and wonderful conversation with both Bill & Pia. Talks can vary from politics to German history, sports and education, to typical German behavior versus American behavior. It's always entertaining, always a blessing!!


A little slice of our life here in Germany!!