01 June 2009

Update On The Locals ;)

We're doing just fine here in Germany!! We're looking forward to visiting with my dad as he comes TDY to Europe over the summer... and getting to do a little traveling of our own!! In just 2 short weeks we're heading off to Rome for a couple days. It will be a short trip, but one we'll treasure forever. The Eternal City is not one to be missed, and not one you can experience just once! We've both been to Rome before, yet never together... so we're making it happen. We're diving into the culture, the locale, and the history that is stockpiled in the Eternal City.

On other matters, we're looking ahead towards Gabe's upcoming surgery date. The Army is finally taking care of their soldier; it only too 11 months. Gabe is doing well, and enjoying the new unit! As for me, my elbow is healing up just fine! I've been given a great opportunity to practice some of my ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) skills this summer, which will be a great use of my Spec. Ed. background! :)

The Rest of Venice...

We took a photography tour one early morning, which ended up being a wonderful walking tour, and a great opportunity to learn a few new skills! Both Gabe and I enjoyed our tour!! We spent each day finding new places to experience, unique foods to try, and beautiful art to adore! We found sites where our favorite movies were shot, and thoroughly enjoyed Venice as a whole. Though there is not a ton to actually go and see in Venice, it's a thrill to experience. Venice is all about the atmosphere! From the watertaxi ride into town, to the quaint bridges, constant gonalier cries, and general hustle and bustle of things, it's a wonderful city to experience!!