02 November 2011


So, as you have probably noticed, I am not posting to this blog currently. Well, except today ;)

Here's a quick update:
1) I will not be posting to this blog until we are out of the Army. Why, you may ask? Because both Gabe and I have endured enough and we do not want to air-our-laundry while we're going through it. So, once we have walked through this part of life, I will be updating this blog with LOTS of information on what we went through and the resources available to those going through it. If you want to view resources now, check my FB page as I'm always updating it with the latest information from the military community.

2) Transition. We are in the middle of a transition and we'd like to find figure out the "new" normal before sharing this aspect of our lives. Though we appreciate the support that some have provided, we have also experienced the lies and bullying from others within the military community. Again, I refer back to ... we'll update you on everything that happened once it's over. Right now, if I were to post a frank blog about what we're walking through we'd be overwhelmed emotionally with the positive and negative remarks from people. So, for now, our lives will remain fairly closed off.