02 November 2011


So, as you have probably noticed, I am not posting to this blog currently. Well, except today ;)

Here's a quick update:
1) I will not be posting to this blog until we are out of the Army. Why, you may ask? Because both Gabe and I have endured enough and we do not want to air-our-laundry while we're going through it. So, once we have walked through this part of life, I will be updating this blog with LOTS of information on what we went through and the resources available to those going through it. If you want to view resources now, check my FB page as I'm always updating it with the latest information from the military community.

2) Transition. We are in the middle of a transition and we'd like to find figure out the "new" normal before sharing this aspect of our lives. Though we appreciate the support that some have provided, we have also experienced the lies and bullying from others within the military community. Again, I refer back to ... we'll update you on everything that happened once it's over. Right now, if I were to post a frank blog about what we're walking through we'd be overwhelmed emotionally with the positive and negative remarks from people. So, for now, our lives will remain fairly closed off.

24 July 2010

30 before 30!!

The year we move back to the United States I will turn 30. So, my goal before moving stateside, is to have visited 30 countries. To experience 30 cultures that are not my own. Sitting here and planning, I'm 27. The countries that I have currently visited are as follows:

1) Canada
2) Mexico
3) Belize
4) Honduras
5) Virgin Islands
6) St. Lucia
7) St. Maarten (Netherlands Antilles)
8) Cayman Island
9) England
10) Germany
11) Netherlands
12) Luxembourg
13) Belgium
14) France
15) Monaco
16) Spain
17) Morocco
18) Switzerland
19) Lichtenstein
20) Austria
21) Italy
22) Vatican City
23) Poland
24) Czech Republic

... So, I am looking for 6 countries at least within the next 3 years!! :)

My wish list of where I would like to go....
1) Scotland
2) Wales
3) Ireland
4) Greece
5 Croatia
6) Portugal
7) Iceland
8) Denmark
9) Norway
10) Sweden
11) Finland
12) Russia
13) Turkey
14) Romania
15) Bulgaria
16) Montenegro
17) Egypt
18) South Africa

... and that's just the local area!! The rest of the world will come later!!

Right now, we're planning to revisit some a few places this year... England, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, and do traveling with Germany.

17 January 2010

It's been a while...

It's been a long while since we've updated everyone.

We're doing well. We're trying to figure out what the next step in life is... the more we pursue figuring it out, the fuzzier the details get. So, we don't know how much longer we'll be over here. We don't know what the next step is for Gabe. We don't know what the next step is for me. We do know, that we're working hard and pushing for things to be the best once we hit the civilian life.

I finally got into a full-time position over here, which has been a huge blessing!! Knowing when I will be working and being able to plan around that makes life less stressful. After not knowing when/where I'd work for two years, and having 2 part time jobs, it's nice to finally have the stability of a full-time position. It's a job that I can make into a career and it's a job that I'm enjoying.

Gabe was just enrolled in a few programs at Landstuhl which will significantly help his recovery. We're very grateful for the opportunity to be in the programs, and the comfort that they will bring both of us. We know that no matter the outcome, having these programs on paper in his records will benefit us down the line.

Also, I finally found some funding (MyCAA) for my graduate program. I've officially started classes, and I'm thoroughly excited to finally start this phase! For all you military spouses, google MyCAA... it's $6000 towards any portable career. The government is providing this funding to promote family wellness. Take advantage of the opportunity and pursue your dreams!!

We hope that everyone had a safe and wonderful holiday season!

01 June 2009

Update On The Locals ;)

We're doing just fine here in Germany!! We're looking forward to visiting with my dad as he comes TDY to Europe over the summer... and getting to do a little traveling of our own!! In just 2 short weeks we're heading off to Rome for a couple days. It will be a short trip, but one we'll treasure forever. The Eternal City is not one to be missed, and not one you can experience just once! We've both been to Rome before, yet never together... so we're making it happen. We're diving into the culture, the locale, and the history that is stockpiled in the Eternal City.

On other matters, we're looking ahead towards Gabe's upcoming surgery date. The Army is finally taking care of their soldier; it only too 11 months. Gabe is doing well, and enjoying the new unit! As for me, my elbow is healing up just fine! I've been given a great opportunity to practice some of my ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) skills this summer, which will be a great use of my Spec. Ed. background! :)

The Rest of Venice...

We took a photography tour one early morning, which ended up being a wonderful walking tour, and a great opportunity to learn a few new skills! Both Gabe and I enjoyed our tour!! We spent each day finding new places to experience, unique foods to try, and beautiful art to adore! We found sites where our favorite movies were shot, and thoroughly enjoyed Venice as a whole. Though there is not a ton to actually go and see in Venice, it's a thrill to experience. Venice is all about the atmosphere! From the watertaxi ride into town, to the quaint bridges, constant gonalier cries, and general hustle and bustle of things, it's a wonderful city to experience!!

14 April 2009

Venice! Part 1

Venice is the one city in Italy that I save for Gabe!! We wanted to experience it together!! My favorite movie of all times is The Italian Job, which starts out in Venice! While we were there we visited the areas where the movie took place, and also stumbled across the courtyard where the last scenes of Casino Royale were put together.

As our first trip just the two of us since the end of the deployment we decided to take it slow. In Gabe's words "I vacation, you travel". In other words, he loves to go at a more relaxed pace, and when traveling alone (or with similar travelers) I can go for 18 hours a day exploring new places! This trip became a compromise of styles.

We drove the 8 hours from Mannheim to Venice (the cheap way to go!), and found it to be a gorgeous ride!! The scenery was breathe taking! When our little adventure started it was sunny in Mannheim, and as we drove south that sun turned slowly to gray overcast, then light rain, then torential downpour! Despite the rain, there was still snow in the Alps which provided a sweet relief from the dismal day outside. Upon arriving in Venice the rain let up to a slight sprinkle, which allowed us to get safely to our hotel without incident. That evening we walked around the area surrounding our hotel, got a feel for the neighborhood, and ate dinner in the corner of St. Mark's Square. A perfect beginning to our trip!

Our first full day in Venice we had no agenda really. We knew the sights we wanted to see, but we also knew we had 4 days to see them!! So, we spent the morning in St. Mark's, and then took the rest of the day to walk the city. We spent the day window shopping and enjoying the atmosphere.

Time Flies When You Are Having Fun

We haven't update everyone in a while... so I guess it's about time, huh?!

We are doing well and getting back into a routine finally. Gabe has been home for 6 months, and work on his end is finally normalizing. He found out a couple of weeks ago that their first diagnosis downrange was right on, and had they no ignored it when he was medevac-ed to Salerno, things might have been fixed by now. Currently though, Gabe has stress fractures in both of his legs, and has compartmental syndrome in his right leg. The Army is working slowly to take care of these issues.

I am about half way through recovering from elbow surgery. Occupational therapy just ended, and I have my full range of motion back. At this point, it's time to work on getting my strength back slowly! Tomorrow marks my first day back at work since the surgery. Gabe and I have agreed that the 2 jobs I hold right now will be the jobs I stick with until we move stateside. They provide the flexibility and availability needed to get things done on the German economy, and allows me time off whenever Gabe is able to take leave.

We are planning to travel a lot this year, and hope that if anyone wants to come visit that you contact us soon... we'll only be here another year!!