04 March 2009

Are Wii Fit?!

Gabe and I have just started our Wii fit program, and though it can not take the place of true physical activity, it's a great place to begin, or even start at! It does give you a work out, and you can focus on different areas! The games are fun, but you can also go for a run, do yoga, and do strengthening exercises.

Once we're both back up and running in full physical health we're hoping to find the bike path that leads from our house to Heidelburg!! It's about a 20km ride... so we're looking forward to getting out in the German countryside!!!

We'll keep ya posted!!! :)

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Joe and Erica said...

Yay! More Wii Fitter's ;)! How's that been working out for you guys? That's exactly what I've been using to try and get healthy again (I don't like leaving the condo unless I'm off to volunteer at the clinic, safety reasons), so I've been doing Wii Fit. Now I have really slacked the last 2 weeks, but I've had a crazy schedule with training for the clinic. I'm REALLY happy to see that you two are both well and getting healthy too. I try and keep a weekly blog on mine (when I can).

God Bless and take care!