12 February 2009

A Day To Remember!

Today was a day that I shall not soon forget.

Early this morning Gabe and I headed out to Coleman Barracks here in Mannheim, Germany, for a special awards ceremony. Today our 720th EOD soldier's were honored for their sacrifices... 4 of our soldiers were issued the Purple Heart.

This award brings a whole new realm of emotions to the table. This award is not something strived for, and yet is a great honor. It was a little awkward, no one really knew what to say.

Gabe was presented with 2 Purple Hearts.

All in all, during the deployment, 6 of our 28 soldiers were unfortunate enough to earn this distinction. The 4 soldiers that were present today, as well as Ryall and Studer. Ryall was injured and sent stateside in August (and has made a great recovery!), and Studer was KIA on the same day.

On Tuesday Gabe will receive the other awards earned during the deployment. He will be presented with the Bronze Star and Combat Action Badge.

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teresa ann said...

wow gabe. there are no other words. i am amazed.