15 February 2009

Armed Forces Network: Purple Heart Interview

Here's a link to the video link shown on AFN Europe, our "hometown" new! ;)

We are briefly in it after Gabe had been presented his 2 purple hearts. N. Williams did an interview with AFN, and did a great job!! He represented EOD well, and clearly described the feelings the ceremony brought about. This is not the ceremony that you hope for when you climb on the bus to head off to war; it's not the phone calls you want to receive as a spouse .... but nonetheless, it's an honorable and noteworthy medal that was well deserved by these men.

N. Williams (Willie) was Gabe's team member back in SC... and he was in JERRV with Gabe during the 3rd IED hit (in Feb). We're all glad to have them home safely!!

February 12, 2009
We're in the 2nd story, so it takes a few minutes to get to it.

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