04 June 2008

Polish Mission Trip

After I wrote the last time, I joined a team going to Poland for a 3 day weekend mission trip. It still amazes me that our mission trip only cost $53, for all meals, rooms, everything. The missionaries stories are incredible! One lady was a US soldier, there's a mother/daughter from TN serving there... the people are just full of love, and God's amazing grace!! The whole mission is a faith-based mission; simply meaning that they don't ask for donations, they just believe that God will provide for their needs and earnestly pray and seek His will! This mission trip was unlike any other I've been on.

During this trip the men and women were separated. The men did the manual labor. Now that's okay, but what am I supposed to do?! The women were in charge of 2 things: VBS for the kids (it was a family mission trip) and sorting clothes. This doesn't seem like much, but over the weekend we helped our kids make enough items to jump start their Polish VBS (500 kids go through there each summer) and we sorted over 50 palets of clothes that were donated. We gathered the big kids and organized/hung-up all of the clothes. Our simple sorting project has led to a whole new trip... the ladies are going back to fix the floor and turn the room into a store. You see, right now there's just one open room full of clothes , but that's where the whole town comes when they are in need.

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