31 January 2009

It's Been A While...

Garmisch, Germany: Edelweiss Army Lodge & Resort
Ski Week and Gorge Hike

Rothenburg, Germany

Over the last couple months we've had family come to town and travel with us twice. Most recently, LM had surgery on her elbow. So currently, we're trying to get in the groove of normal life before BNCOC in April... while still taking it easy recovering from surgery.

Gabe is headed to the states for a few months over the summer. We're not sure if LM will be coming back since we're moving back stateside just a year later.

We have not reenlisted, but we have decided that we're going to do the career Army thing. It's the best decision, even though it does mean more deployments. It guarantees Gabe at least his bachelor's degree while in the service, and though it presents career challenges for LM it just means we'll have to be creative.

Right now we're hoping to move back to the states in 2010 and get stationed at one of the EOD school houses (Huntsville, AL; or FWB, FL).

That's all for now..... we'll keep you posted!

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Joe and Erica said...

AW, Yay! Well, if you DO come back then, if you get stuck out here in Cali for ANY reason, we can hang out! (Just get stuck in SoCal, not NorCal) ;). Miss you guys!!!