26 August 2008

Your husband has been gone too long when...

Okay. Another 720th EOD wife and I went shopping today. We just need to get away and take a breather. Well, as we're shopping we came to the candle section... a section we're quite fond of!!

So, as we're smelling the candles we start to realize that all the candles remind us of one smell. What is that smell you ask? It's MAN. That's right... the "just out of the shower, fresh deodorant smell" that is MAN.

What candles smell like man you ask... well there's leather (but that's a given!), cottage breeze (not kidding... I've got 2 candles next to me and I'm loving it!), ... black cherry, beach walk, autumn gold, dune grass, evening air ...just to name a few. It's sad. It's sad when you buy candles just to have a man's smell in your house again!

SERIOUSLY, we need our husbands home!!! Please bring our unit home... now would be great! :)

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